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Why Working With UWM’s Quickest Closer is a HUGE Advantage to Home Buyers
Homebuyers have a lot of decisions to make. The home buying process is often dependent on quite a few other people. For example, Homebuyers not only need to rely on a real estate agent to find them a new home but they may need a mortgage lender as well. It’s no secret that with the home...
4 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About VA Loans That Are Costing You Clients
No matter how long I do this, it never ceases to amaze me that most real estate agents don’t really like doing transactions where the buyer needs a VA loan. And that’s too bad, because VA loans are a wonderful gift to our country’s military. And, there’s a TON of...
Bring a little MAGIC to your borrowers with DPA Advantage
Quick... what's one MAGICAL phrase you can learn to help your career as a real estate agent? D.P.A. Down Payment Assistance! This is one real estate acronym worth remembering! Over the 15 years I've been in the mortgage business, I’ve learned that NOTHING helps a borrower more than...
Don’t let less than perfect credit get in the way of buying a home
The saddest thing in the world is when you really want something but have already made up your mind that you’ll never have it. At least right now. I run into this all the time in mortgage lending. There are SO MANY PEOPLE who think that their credit won’t allow them to buy a home....
The Secret To Closing Tough Transactions When You’re Feeling Stressed
The real estate business is full of stress. Deadline stress. Contract stress. Documentation stress. The problem is that when we’re feeling stressed, we tend to take care of the urgent issues which are causing the stress. In our line of work, that means the current transactions...
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