We love our Veterans and we want to make sure that they are given 5-star treamanet throughout the VA Cash Out Loan Process.  At Mindful Money, we believe that our Veterans have served our country and deserve the highest level of customer service, the best rates and the lowest closing costs.  We pride ourselves on helping Veterans save money by lowering their interest rate, paying off high-interest rate credit cards and loans and getting extra cash to make home improvements.

Why VA Loans Are Personal To Me

For some people, VA loans are simply a nice financing program for Veterans. For me, VA loans are personal. No, I’m not a Veteran. But many in my family have served this great country including my father, his twin brother, & my grandfather. That’s why the words "military" and "family" have always been synonymous for me.

The reason I’m so passionate about helping Veterans get into homes is not because of idealism. It’s because I watched my family have their hearts ripped out by an unscrupulous lender. You know… the kind that gives the lending business a bad name. I was around 7 years old...[read more]

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