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Samantha has been a mortgage loan officer for 20 years. Samantha works as an independent broker, this allows her to compare rates and options at dozens of banks instead of being tied to only one. This means she has more freedom to find her clients the very best loan for their specific needs, rather than using a “one size fits all” approach. Samantha is the Mortgage Broker for Mindful Money LLC.   Her favorite part of being a Mortgage Broker is helping people fund their dreams of home ownership and doing so from the holistic and centered perspective of a yoga instructor is what distinguishes her in the industry. 

Coming from a background in corporate security and management at a major bank helped Samantha make the natural transition into mortgages. This experience means that Samantha has an intimate understanding of the ins and outs of financial transactions and makes her a highly competent and accurate broker. Samantha comes from a long line of hard-working women. In fact, her grandmother and biggest inspiration, worked as a Rosie the Riveter during World War II. Today, Samantha strives to uphold her grandmother’s work ethic and positive influence. 

Samantha is an experienced yoga instructor. With her 500-hour certification, Samantha gives back to the community, bringing the healing art of yoga to those suffering from Parkinson’s and the victims of domestic abuse and trauma. Samantha is also certified to teach yoga to Veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and enjoys giving back to those who have served. Being a yogini, instructor, and healer allows Samantha to be the best mortgage broker she can be.

Licensed Mortgage Broker Officer in Arizona, California, Colorado and Florida.

Mindful Money LLC, NMLS#1811887

3033 N 17th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85015


480-393-8357 Fax

Arizona #0943757
California – DBO #CA-DBO228185
Colorado #100036731
Florida #LO54905

NMLS #1811887



Colorado NMLS#1811887