Realtors - Can Yoga Make You a Better Realtor?

Every REALTOR® I know is looking for an edge when it comes to their business.

That’s because REALTORS® often struggle to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, so any kind of unique angle typically works very well.

If being different is a key to success - can yoga really make you a better REALTOR®?

What I’ve Learned as a Yogi

You may or may not know that I’m a certified Yoga instructor. And while you have to spend 500+ hours in practice to get certified, there are lots of benefits I’ve seen along the way even before I was ever certified.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done is teach Yoga to Veterans with PTSD.

Yoga teaches Veterans to deal with their stressors and triggers and some of the changes I’ve seen in my students is nothing short of a miracle.

How Yoga Might Help You as a REALTOR®

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not here to preach.

Yoga has changed my life, but maybe that’s not your path.

Even if you never decide to learn yoga or practice regularly, there are lots of things yoga teaches us - and those things will help you no matter what, in all areas of your life (even work).

Here are a few of my favorite things yoga has taught me:


You certainly don’t have to be a yogi to practice mindfulness. Learning to stay in the moment, be grateful for the gifts at hand and to appreciate those around you is truly a gift.


If nothing else, learning yoga helps you find a little more compassion in your life. Initially that compassion is for yourself (we need it most), and eventually you learn to share that with others.

Learning To Breathe

As silly as it may sound, yoga has helped me learn to breathe. You don’t realize how often stress gets to you and makes you hyperventilate. Learning to focus on my breath and enjoy breathing has helped me tremendously, especially when things get stressful.

Namaste (for now)!

I sincerely hope these tips help you find a bit of peace in your life as that’s guaranteed to help you be a better realtor, parent, spouse, friend or whatever is most important to you right now!

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