Why Working With UWM’s Quickest Closer is a HUGE Advantage to Home Buyers

Homebuyers have a lot of decisions to make. The home buying process is often dependent on quite a few other people. For example, Homebuyers not only need to rely on a real estate agent to find them a new home but they may need a mortgage lender as well.

It’s no secret that with the home buying process comes some stress, and one of the biggest factors is arranging the finances. Once you’ve reached the decision to buy a home you want to get into your new home as quickly as possible right?

I was so honored to receive the “Speed to Close” award from United Wholesale Mortgage recently and also inspired to share the many advantages that come along with a quick closing.

Advantage #1. The Uncertainties Are Put To Rest

Traditionally it can take several days to arrange for a mortgage and then wait for the approval. This usually leads home buyers to opt for a longer closing date. They need the time to get their finances approved so they know what funds they have available to make their home purchase with.

A home buyer can now go with a lender that can provide a quick closing by making sure the funds have been approved faster. This removes the uncertainties for the buyer, who now has peace of mind that they can make their move much faster with a shorter closing date.

Advantage #2. Reducing The Risk Of Losing Out

Usually, as soon as a home owner puts their house on the market, they start home shopping immediately. If they find a home that is perfect for them, then they want to be able to make an offer. If they don’t have a quick closing on the home they are selling, they may not be in a position to go firm with an offer.

This creates a big risk that the house they want may go to someone else. A lot of sellers appreciate a quick closing so they can get on with their home buying plans. They may be more prone to accepting an offer that has a quick closing.

Who Would Benefit Most From a Quick Closing?

There are a few different situations homebuyers can encounter that make having a quick closing even more ideal than usual or even necessary. Anyone who is:

  • Dealing With a Personal Situation
    There are personal situations that can arise with homeowners, such as separation and divorce. These individuals have a lot of financial matters to deal with. One of them may be the sale of their house. A quick closing can help them to get their finances in order. This may help to speed up the legalities that they are dealing with as it pertains to the finances.
  • Facing Pressure From A Bad Loan Arrangement
    Home buyers may be dealing with a lending institution that is slow in their approval process. Or there aspects about the loan that they were not aware of and don’t agree with. This means they now need to find another lender quickly and one that can set the buyer up for a quick closing.
  • Needing Help With Their Financial Situation
    Some homeowners need a quick closing because they require funds. They may be re-mortgaging their home so they can do some much needed repairs. Or, they may be in some financial difficulty where they need some quick cash to prevent some legal action. A quick closing can be extremely beneficial to them.
  • Looking for New Rate Opportunities
    It has become a trend for home buyers to shop for the best lending rates. This can be time consuming, and the rates can change quickly. If the golden opportunity is them to get a low rate, they need to act fast.
  • Needing to Get Settled Faster
    Some need to buy a home because they are making a move based on their job. There may be a need to relocate quickly, so a quick closing will allow them to do this.

Anyone that is going to buy a home or needs a mortgage should look closely at what advantages a quick closing will offer them.

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